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RossComm Customer Feedback


15m QRP G Whip End Fed

Hi Ian, Just to let you know the antenna arrived.  I am very impressed with your quality of product and service.

     Thanks again. Tom M0ZSA 

 Thank you for your kind comments Tom....    Tom went on to say that he has severe antenna restrictions at his QTH as is making the most of the fact that the antenna is made with green camouflage Kevlar wire, making it easier to blend into the background (a suitable hedge). Using his 15m QRP G Whip End Fed he was able to get on the air without drawing any unwelcome attention from the neighbours - nicely done Tom!   Ian Ross - RossComm Radio


10m G Whip End Fed

Hi Ian  10m G Whip now up, working stations I could not work before on my vertical and on lower power. Made one mistake I switched to 12m without changing antenna over but through the atu and received a 5 and 9 from Morocco on 15w, a first for me. So thanks again for a great product and good service

        Kind Regards Ray gw6wgy

            Thank you for taking the time to write and update me. This is great news! We are receiving lots of positive reports about the G Whip End Fed antennas, and it cheers me to hear that you are getting good results. Ian Ross - RossComm Radio


10m G Whip End Fed

Hi Ian, Just to say that I managed Ukraine and Greece at the weekend, on 10mtrs with 5 watts.

    Your zepp antennas do their stuff alright. Very pleased with them thanks. Best regards Brian, G7FAL.


Thank you for your feedback Brian, the G Whip products are proving to be very popular.  Ian Ross - RossComm Radio


UPDATE - Hi Ian, I have been playing with Wspr over the holiday using the 20mtr antenna, best so far heard and been heard in VK! Using 5w only. Amazing what can be achieved with modest equipment. Brian G7FAL. 

Thank you Brian, the G Whip products have a great reputation, especially for QRP operations. Ian Ross - RossComm Radio


STOP PRESS - G Whip 80m End Fed Zepp now under development



More customer reviews to follow  - see our special offers on this excellent antenna   See Antennas





 RossComm Customer Feedback


Kevlar Antenna Wire


An excellent stealth antenna installation

Study the following photograph hard, can you see the HF Antenna installation?






Gregg Lewis  2E0MET kindly provided the following report on his new stealth antenna installation.


    Ian, Thought you may like some photos of your product in action in a stealth station!

The dipole is in a u shape along the fence line with a 1:1 balun at the back of the shed (the shack). As you can see the wire is seamless, cut for 40m and tunes well on 20 and 17.  Being 7ft from ground it is no big gun and never will be, but the low angle is proving great for reliable inter g on 7.

Remainder of the station is a 706mk2 with a portable 900amp rechargeable supply, at 30 watts to avoid strain on the psu.  Works great on receive too, a Columbian station was tipping the scale (HK3C) on 18mhz.


 Gregg Thank you for taking the time to write and update me. It is good to hear how creative people can be with our products. As you say, I am sure that this will inspire others who have a similar challenge with fitting a HF antenna into shared spaces (Happy neighbours) - no leads for people to trip over! Ian Ross - RossComm Radio